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No Limits Age Play Phone Sex With Amber

I am a naughty young girl with a very young voice and the best part is I have NO LIMITS - that's right I will AGEPLAY ANY AGE & AGEPLAY PHONESEX FANTASY you have and sound believable!

Nothing is too kinky for me, I like everything from naughty to nice and all extreme fantasies as well.  Naughty Schoolgirl, Daddy's Little Girl, Girl Next Door, Girlfriend's Daughter, Niece, Granddaughter/ Grandpa's Girl, Babysitter, Hot Teen Tease - you name it! 

I can play any role for you and I enjoy them all.  I love to cum with you so let's both enjoy my little bald pussy!

I love to roleplay !!  I am a barely legal girl with a sweet young voice to match!

Babysitter Phone Sex Roleplay With The Hot Teen Babysitter

Wives should know better than to hire hot little chicks like me to babysit.  All the Dads end up lusting after me.  They think they are slick and that I don't know how they lust after me but I see the way they stare at me.  The way they try to stand behind a counter or put something in their lap so I won't see their bulges.  I like it, it gets me feeling all hot and sexy and like I have some secret power over them.  So I tease them.  I start wearing tighter tops and shorter shorts.  I make sure to bend over a lot and I certainly make sure I "accidentally" bump into them.  I enjoy their discomfort, the way they wonder if I am actually coming on to them or not when I graze my tight little body up against them.  I kiss them on the cheek when they drive me home and let my hand linger on their thigh just a little.  I like it when the Moms are out of town or whatever and the Dad comes home late at night.  I've already put the kids to bed and the house is dark and quiet and I know he's been thinking about me while he was driving home.  Thinking how he'll be alone with me.  Thinking all kinds of naughty things.  Sometimes I pretend I'm asleep on the couch and I make sure to let my little skirt ride up so he can't help but see my panties.  Or sometimes I pretend I accidentally got caught watching his porno movies.  That really gets them all fired up and eager to cum and get me!

Daddy's Girl Phone Sex With Your Naughty Daughter

You come home early from work one day and, as you pass by my bedroom, you hear voices so you stop outside my door to listen.  You realize it's not one of my little girlfriends in there with me...it's a BOY!  You stand there listening and, as you press your ear up against the door so you can hear better, the door moves and it opens just enough so that you can now look in and see what's going on.  We aren't aware of you and don't stop what we're doing.  There I am, your precious little angel, doing all kinds of naughty things with that boy.  You watch as I suck his cock, licking and slurping it into my sweet mouth.  Your cock gets hard and you think again how you must stop this at once!  But you don't. No...  Your hand starts rubbing against the tight fabric of your pants, rubbing your cock and watching your little girl have sex.  You continue watching, and when you get your first glimpse of my tiny, bald pussy, you almost lose it right there.  You slink off to your bedroom and jerk off with the visions of your little girl bringing you to climax.  Later that night, you come into my room.  You sit down on the side of my bed and, as you look at me and lovingly caress my cheek, you say: "I saw you today.  And I think that if you are going to do those things for other boys, then you can certainly do them for Daddy..."

Taboo Age Play Phone Sex Rough Roleplay Fantasies

You know you want to fuck me... The very thought of my sweet, little bald pink pussy has your mouth watering, doesn't it?  You see my little body and your balls start to tingle, don't they?  You want to put me on your cock and bounce me up and down like a little babydoll while you pinch my tiny nipples, don't you? Shoving me down on your cock as it just gets harder and harder... You imagine my sweet lips sliding up and down your shaft and you want to pop a load right in my throat, don't you? Balls aching, aren't they?  Listening to me gag while you fuck my little mouth, precum dribbling onto my tongue... Maybe your cock starts throbbing when you think about me bent over begging you to fuck my tight tight ass... or maybe what really turns you on is the thought of how much it will hurt me and make me cry and scream and beg you to stop? You know it's wrong but... You know you want to fuck me...

Naughty School Girl Phone Sex Fun

My math teacher is so hot.  All the girls talk about doing naughty things with him.  I listen to them babble and I just smile to myself. See, while the other girls  are just talking about it, I'm really doing it.  Well, doing him.  Mmmm.  He really IS hot.  I love teasing him in class knowing that his dick is getting hard for me.  Licking my lips, spreading my legs under my desk and letting my hand wander.  I know it drives him crazy.  By the time I go to his classroom after shool he is just about in a frenzy.  But I still tease him before I please him.  His cock gets so hard and it makes me so wet!  Would you like to play with me after school?

Submissive Phone Sex Kinks, Fetishes & Fantasies

I am ALWAYS ready to submit to strong Men like you! I love to get down and dirty in every way imaginable. Why? Because I am a total fuck slut who will do anything to please a Man.  Yes, anything.  my pleasure is secondary to yours, i know that.  If you even allow me pleasure, that is.  I know that you understand my needs even better than I do sometimes and you know how to treat me like the nasty young whore that I am.  Please use me and abuse me in any way you like.  Want to bring all of Your friends over and let them gangbang me? Ok!  Want to pimp me and make me your cocksucking whore?  I will sell my little ass for you and give you all of the money.  Beat me if I don't make enough.  Want to tie me up and torture my nipples, my ass and my cunt until I am begging and pleading for mercy?  Yes, sir!  Please hurt me some more, Sir.  Want to see just how far you can make Your dirty whore go?  With me, there are no limits and no taboos.  i will do anything that pleases you.  Gangbangs, Prostitution, BDSM, Toilet, K9 - ANYTHING YOU WANT!  If it makes you happy, it makes me happy .

Brother Sister Incest Phone Sex Fantasies

You're my big brother. There's nothing better than a big brother to watch and protect me. I love my big brother because he teaches me how to be a hot little slut. Without him (and his friends), I wouldn't know what men love!   Or maybe I am your loving older sister and I invite you into my room one afternoon before Mom and Dad get home...  Maybe I'm your not so sweet older sister and I've invited some friends over...

Please don't make me wait any longer. Your little fuck toy is eagerly waiting.
NOTHING is off limits when you call. That's right - NO LIMITS. Don't be shy.  Get Kinky with me! 
You know you want me.   And I know it, too, so pick up that phone so we can play... just do me already!
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